16/10 - 2017

What is Bybellino?

Bybellino is a small company where they select their absolute favourite shoes from a company in Cannes, France and sell them here in Sweden for a great price. Their target audience is aimed towards student with a tight budget but still want to look fashionable.

Visit their website here: Bybellino

General notes

Bybellino approached me as they seeked someone who could help develop their website but also someone who could guide them how to run an ecommerce website. I thought that their concept was great with quality shoes. Me and my business partner Victor agreed to help them with me running and developing their website and Victor photographing their shoes which includes product photos and inspirational photos.

Bybellinos visual guide was to let the shoes do the talking. Minimal distraction from the product while serving a fresh and clean UI.

Design work

Product page

Product page